FrostDrive - The Host


FrostDrive is the bread and butter of the show, being the sole editor of Art Parlor. He has his own youtube channel "FrostDrive" where he posts animations and really silly extremely edited videos. He also has an ongoing comic series called "Evil Villain Academy" which is a lighthearted evil magical girl series.

Frostdrive's comic series


Phoebe is the only evil pixie in the world.
She's got one minion, Sonia, a succubus with crippling shyness.
But in order to qualify as a mastermind in this evil school she needs one more minion!
Who will it be in this classroom of offbeat villains?
Behind Phoebe's trail though is Guy, the good guy. He's trying to bring Phoebe back to the Pixie Kingdom, and it seems nothing can stop the power of friendship that he posesses.


Max meets Claire, who forces him to make internet videos with her. In his bleak life it might be the only good thing worth waking up to, but this isn't about the videos...
Max Parrish is a story about growing up, the future, and what it really means to become an adult in a harsh world run by the elite, and where uncertainty reigns.

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